Jon “Big Dogg” Rhone has spent his entire life in the Air Force and was brought up in a family committed to service. First as a dependent, and then as an active duty officer, Jon graduated from the Air Force Academy and rose to the rank of Colonel before retiring in 2019. His father (Jim Rhone) retired as a Chief Master Sergeant and his mother (Judy Rhone) as a Lieutenant Colonel. His brother (Jamie Rhone) also graduated from the Academy and retired in 2007 and his sister (Joy Glynn) served in the Air Force for over a decade. Jon has served in multiple leadership and command positions in the Combat Air Forces and Joint Special Operations Command (JSOC). While on active duty, he served as an Air Battle Manager, USAF Weapons School Instructor, and led the Combat Operations Division at an Air Operations Center while accumulating over 3,000 hours as an Airborne Warning and Control System (AWACS) crew member. During his time on active duty, Jon deployed 13 times to the Middle East, Africa and Pacific areas of operation. He currently resides in Williamsburg, VA with his wife Michelle and has three children.