Suicide leaves many victims alive.  CMSgt Laurie Bach is a leader, mentor…and a survivor of suicide. Her story is one of tragedy, resilience and rebuilding.  She is a 24-year Air Force veteran who dealt with her husband’s suicide and went through what so many have gone through yet so many do not know. We are honored she chose to embrace her vulnerability and share her story with us.

Chief Master Sergeant Laurie “Perp” Bach is the Group Superintendent of the United States Air Force Weapons School. She is the principle advisor to the Weapons School Commandant, 21 Squadron Commanders, and 750 military, civilian and contractor personnel located at Nellis AFB and 7 geographically separated units. Laurie’s experiences, personality, and reputation for developing leaders and building resiliency bring a unique experience for Rhone Coaching & Consulting clients and teammates.

“Perp” served in various duties in the Command and Control Battle Management Operator career field. Throughout her career, she has filled a myriad of roles including additional duty First Sergeant and Squadron Superintendent.

For our listeners who are struggling with thoughts of suicide, are survivors of suicide, are concerned about a loved one or just want more information on this enemy.

  • National Suicide Prevention  Lifeline – 800-273-8255
  • Crisis text line – text  “HOME”  to 741741
  • Safevoice program – 1-833-216-7233
  • Military and veterans survivors of loved ones to suicide – dial 211 or text zip to 898211
  • Veterans crisis line – text 838255 or call 800-799-4889
  • Leadership/supervisors/mhf/mlfc/chaplain/military onesource

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